Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Season 6 episode 3

So, I don't watch "The Talking Dead." The host bugs me and the few times I have I've been frustrated with the content. I said all that to say, the internet is flooded with the lack of Stephen Yuen on the show. Maybe he died, maybe he didn't. The internet is also ablaze because of a picture of him on set, in costume, with a "future" chacter, but I'm not putting too much into that since it could've been filming flash back scenes or something of the sort. Anyway.

I don't know what to say about Sunday's episode. I saw it mentioned that Glen's death was foreshadowed in season 1 when he saves Rick in Atlanta - and after the last couple weeks leanings toward redemption in a world gone bad, we see Glen taken down by Nick again and Rick being put in danger because of the wolves that Morgan let escape (I had to watch both episodes again to see that, yes, the people who attacked the RV were, in fact, the same people who attacked Alexandria.) and, once again, his own stupidity for shooting the engine! I wouldn't be heart broken if our protagonist turned undead - since he basically is already and even said so himself - but he won't. The message this week seems to be what Rick said in episode 1, "I don't take chances anymore."

PS - am I the only one who thinks Maggie is pregnant?

PPS - I wrote this after two sleepless nights (not zombie related) and I realize now that it doesn't make sense.


  1. Just nipping over from John's "Going Gently" to take a look here and WOW... You've got it bad! Walking Dead Obsession that just keeps coming back. I fear you may be a zombie :)

    1. I do have it bad. But if zombies could type, they'd just write, "Braaaaiiiiinnnnssss." So I don't think I'm dead yet.

      Thanks for popping over!