Sunday, November 8, 2015

Season 6 episode 5

Did I call it on Maggie or what?

I don't have a lot to say tonight. This episode seemed to be more of a set up/foreshadowing episode and since the tv series doesn't follow the comic too closely, I don't know 100% where those things will lead yet.

Random thoughts:

  • The Glenn issue feels like Sophia replay. They're probably gonna stretch that out for a while. But, it's about time Maggie used her head. I foresee Aaron sacrificing himself to save her and her naming the baby Erin Beth.
  • Deanna and her son are ticking time bombs. Did the son pass out and die during his watch?
  • Does nobody understand the concept of being quiet and keeping the lights out? I mean, did we learn nothing from Lizzy feeding the walkers at the prison?
  • Ron sprawled on the ground after the fight with Carl seemed like foreshadowing.
  • In a shtf situation, sanitation is so important. Those rotting boddies are gonna cause problems. Bury those things! It's a wonder anyone is alive at this point with their crappy survival skills.

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