Sunday, November 13, 2016

The Cell

Here it is, five hours till week four and I just finished watching week three - so I'll make it quick  - Spoilers ahead, though I doubt any current viewers are further behind than I am at this point.

I'm always a bit obsessed with the backstory of our characters. I loved reading the novels about the rise and fall of The Governor because it gave his character so much more depth than "Baddy bad guy with a dungeon and a zombie sparring pit." Daryl's back story is that of an abused younger brother with an alcoholic father and it could be argued that he's one of, if not the strongest characters in The Walking Dead. And then there's Negan.

It would seem that Negan has some sort of background in torture and mind control. Daryl is locked in a cell, naked, cold, in the dark, eating dog food (not a new thing for our survivors - see season 3 episode 1) and listening to what has to be the most obnoxious song ever made on repeat, for eternity. Negan has a way with torture that goes beyond slamming people's heads into pulp. His psychological manipulation is just as dark. Glenn may have gotten the easy way out. But Daryl doesn't break. He endures because people, specifically the people he cares about, and their safety are the only thing that matters, so Daryl is willing to endure whatever Negan can throw at him for them.

Random notes:

The song on Who's the Boss is wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong. If they couldn't get the rights to the song, they should've picked a different show.

A good read on mind control: Coraline by Neil Gaiman

I have such a hard time thinking of Negan as anyone other than John Winchester

If the post apocalyptic genre is your thing, I've been binge watching season one of Aftermath this weekend. So far, so good.


  1. Just seen episode 4 ...and I loved it

  2. I just finished watching it. It was so good.