Monday, January 9, 2017

The Snacking Dead

This is a review of the cookbook, The Snacking Dead - A Parody in a Cookbook by DB Walker

A few years ago it seemed like everything was a Walking Dead parody - including cookbooks.

The Snacking Dead is a fun cookbook with spectacular pictures. Each recipe is accompanied by a story about surviving the outbreak and each has a clever Walking Dead invocative name. I assumed this was more of a survival-food cookbook, but most of the recipes are standard American fare with a twist.

Today I'm making Guac and Load Guacamole.

I picked this recipe because I had some avacado that needed to be used.
Step 1. Put all ingredients in a bowl. (avocado, green onion, jalapeno, lime juice)
Step 2. Mash it together with a fork or if you're lazy, like me, throw it in a food processor.
Step 3. Ignore the book and add garlic powder, seasoning salt, and cumin.
4. Serve with tortilla chips or on chimichangas or tacos.

That's it. 

We're guacamole purists here so I was worried it wouldn't go over well but my kids licked the bowl clean which I consider a food success.

The Snacking Dead isn't a daily-use cookbook, but if you like amazing food pictures, it's a fun one to add to your collection of zombie heads in fish tanks.

On the back of the book is a website, but it's down now. It can be purchased at Amazon.

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