Monday, February 13, 2017

Mid-season Premiere

I don't have a lot to say just yet. We changed cable companies a while back and TWD comes on an hour past my bedtime with the new company, so my brain is not functioning. I mean, it's 1 pm and my third cup of coffee isn't making a dent. Seriously.


It was a nice, light, happy episode with the most video game style zombie killing method ever devised. The hilltop is fed up with Negan and Gregory as that all-important dethroning of Gregory and exchange of power to Maggie gets set up. King Zeke threw me a curve ball by deciding not to join Rick's coup...for now.

I'm glad Daryl is over at the Kingdom so he can show those kids how to aim a bow. I'm guessing his presence in the Kingdom will have something to do with Ezekiel eventually changing his mind. Maybe Negan goes looking and finds Daryl. Maybe Daryl is more convincing than Rick. Who knows. Morgan admits that Rick was right and sometimes it's kill or be killed and he lies to Rick about Carol's whereabouts.

And then there's the good Reverand. I'm not quite sure what he's up to, but since I'm sure it's not holing up in some church while his parishioners claw at the siding, it's nice to see him take some initiative.

I watched the first few minutes of Talking Dead. I think I need new glasses because the director was sitting there and I thought it was the director of Sons of Anarchy until he started speaking and it threw me off so bad. I completely disagree with all of them going on about the chemistry of the cast on-screen. I'm sorry, but I don't buy the romantic couplings - as my teenager would say, "ships." It's like they're siblings or something. The only chemistry I see is the Rick/Daryl dynamic where I actually buy their relationship and maybe the Sasha/Rosita animosity.

Anyway, thoughts? Insights? Throw them out in the comments.


  1. Will do..just sitting down to watch it in the uk.....
    Glad to hear jesus is gay....i read it will be " outed" later in season 7

    1. Maybe a harsh brake up at the Kingdom caused him to leave? Did Richard say something about a wife? I don't remember.

  2. That grin at the end has caused lots of speculation. I think Rick is counting on the new group to boost the anti Negan army...

    1. Yeah, that was forshaddowing if I ever saw it! I'm excited to see what's coming up, which is saying a lot after the first half of this season. Whoever that director is, they should keep him.

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