Monday, February 20, 2017

Season 7 Episode 10 - Friends

Not to start out in a rant, but: what was up with the vernacular of the new group? The sentance structure was unbearable. I mean, they didn't have accents that would insinuate a misunderstanding of American grammar (An oxymoron, I know.). It was like Lord of the Flies, The Next Generation. We kill Piggy. You find Kirk to do fire. My gosh, it was like watching  Johnny Depp in The Lone Ranger. Do you see me rolling my eyes? 

And let's not forget, the walker from Pan's Labyrinth. Gave me flashbacks of the two-weeks of nightmares I had after watching that movie. 

Sorry, I had to get that out of my system.

So, when we left the group last week, they were surrounded by our Lord of the Flies, dump-dwellers. 

Side Note: Has anyone else watched Life After People? Gosh, I would love those expert's jobs: the study of structural decay. In my spare time I like to take pictures of abandon architecture - an homage to my artist-mother's work - and it's fascinating how different climates have a different effect on the rate of decay of human-made structures. 
I often wonder while watching TWD if they take any of those sciences into consideration while filming. I know the zombies have gotten more decayed over time, though not nearly as much as one would expect. Seriously a zombie apocalypse would be the easiest apocalypse to survive - wait a year, maybe two, don't get bitten, keep cuts and sores clean, maybe go north where the zombies would freeze solid, and you're good to rebuild civilization. So this episode, I sincerely wondered how the dump would smell.
Even in an anaerobic environment, the initial organic-decay smell would be long gone. Plastic bags, which photo-degrade after a year of exposure to the elements and turn into plastic-dust, would be gone (assuming they were on the top of the pile). Natural fiber fabrics, cottons and wools, etc., would succumb to mold and mildew pretty quickly. So what's left? Metal, glass, rubber and things that start with "poly". You know the chemical smell of the inside of a car on a very hot summer day? That's what I imagine, only worse, as the sun, heat, and humidity break down the molecular ties of all that garbage. Maybe that's why the people can't speak anymore - they've spent the apocalypse huffing fumes.
 Anyway. I really liked that after telephone Rick and farmer Rick and crazy-eyed Rick, and tail-between-the-legs Rick have been replaced by leader Rick. I think, in all honesty, this is the first time we've seen this Rick. Sure, he showed a great deal of leadership qualities as officer Rick before the story arc between him and Shane came to a close. But this is different. He isn't as struggling with that role. And, first time ever, when Michone put her head on Rick's chest out of relief and mutual comfort and smiled up at him while he kissed her head...I could believe they were a couple. 

Father Gabriel also showed considerable character growth - leaving clues, taking a hostage...I haven't gotten this far into the comics, so I'm interested to see how his character plays out.

Meanwhile. Rosita. Ug. She and Richard need to just take their self-destructive teenage angst and go. The two actual teenagers aren't half as bad. I'm guessing there's a purpose to their nihilism and that when their characters do die, they'll go out with honor and dignity. Maybe Richard will save Carol and Rosita will save Sasha. Except that they stopped doing that when they killed off Beth, so we'll see. And while I'm on other characters: Tara. Wow. She lies like I do. How nobody said, "Hey, Tara, what are you hiding?" is beyond me. But, hey. Now they'll have five groups against Negan.

The reunion between Daryl and Carol: from the moment he found out where she was until he slipped off into the darkness, every moment of that was so sweet and so powerful. I've loved watching both of them since season two. Remember when Sophia was missing and Carol was so weak? Daryl told her a story about the trail of tears and gave her a flower as a sign that they would find Sophia. He does that now by telling Carol that they won against Negan and that everyone is fine. Daryl has always offered hope to Carol, and Carol has offered strength to Daryl. Their meeting felt like a final goodbye between the two of them; Carol getting her final dose of hope that her friends are safe and alive and Daryl getting enough strength to leave the kingdom and go back on his own.


  1. I was so touched when he said " where did you go?" Like a little boy to his mom.....their scenes had a sweetness that was is needed in TWD

    1. Jadis , that collective movement and look was shite but i kind of liked her even though that economical way of speaking got on my tits
    2. Father Gabriel ...agreed he's doing well
    3. Jerry is a real star
    4. Shiva liking daryl..hummmmmmmvery lassie come home
    5. Liked michonne cat thing
    6 . Rosita ....stop getting all bad ass
    7 Tara ! Oceanside is getting opened up
    8 Richard.....i still kind of fancy him
    9 i like dianne
    10 good episode

  2. I am worried about carol."i too felt it could have been her swan song

  3. Their whole scene made me cry.

    Thoughts 1: except for the script, I liked her too. #4: Who doesn't like Daryl though? Haha. 5: I saw that cat and kinda wanted it too. Do you know what that was about? Ricks line made it seem like they had a cat. Was there a cat statue before the Saviors went to Alexandria? I don't know.9: Wait, which one is that?

    And, finally, ditto about Carol. It is going to happen though. She's the last of my favorites. They always kill off my favorites.

  4. Right the cat thing went back to series 4.......when michonne, carl and rick met up with the mad Morgan she found a ceramic cat at a store whch she
    Iked....she left it in her cell when the prison fell

    1. Oh yeah! I liked that cat too. That's a cool little addition. Like Rick is saying, "We're gonna do this and we're gonna win this time." So glad you remembered.

  5. I am worried about carol."i too felt it could have been her swan song


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